Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Updated timetable week12

NEWS: Rx Quiz 2011

"KUANTAN - Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) Kampus Kuantan dinobatkan juara Pertandingan Kuiz Farmasi Peringkat Kebangsaan Piala Tariq Ke-3 selepas berjaya menewaskan pasukan International Medical University (IMU)......."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quiz week 11 (^,^)

Assalamualaikum peeps!
Here are things u can't miss!

Quiz Pharmacokinetc (Dr Ju)

date & time: 21/11/11, Monday - 2.00pm
topics cover:

Compartment model 2 until bioavailability
-Open compartment model- oral absorption and elimination
-Multicompartment model
-Multiple dosage regimen
-Pharmacokinetic of IV infusion
-Non-Linear kinetics

Quiz Dosage Design (Dr Farah)

date & time: 22/11/11, Tuesday - 9am
topics cover:

all bioavailability subjects xcept principles of dosage form design 1 n 2
-Basic Concept of Bioavailability
-Factors Influencing Bioavailability: Physicochemical
-Factors Influencing Drug Absorption
-Bioavailability Dosage Form: Type of Dosage Form
-Bioavalability Influence in excipients

Monday, November 14, 2011

Exclusive Talk: Sharing Moment With Business Figure Dr. Irfan Khairi

Sharing Moment With Business Figure 'Dr Irfan Khairi'


I Share , I Care


Basic Skill of Entrepreneurship Class


21st November 2011 / Monday

8.00 p.m - 11.00 p.m

Lecture Hall 2 Kulliyyah of Allied Health Science, IIUM Kuantan Campus

Detail of Speaker

Name: Noor Irfan Khairi Noor Azmi
Date of birth: 17th December 1976
Internet Business Experter, Book Writer and Radio & TV Personality

Irfan Khairi graduated in Bachelor of Multimedia Designing from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom and received an offer to work at one of the biggest IT ompany in Birmingham, Netmedia (UK) Ltd. He was responsible for designing Internet learning system for schools in United Kingdom named as Learning Grid. Currently, there are more than 5,000 schools in United Kingdom using the Learning Grid system. Inspired by his deep interest in Internet and business, he started his own Internet-based business in 1999. He later on discovers that his Internet-based business pays a lot more than his current job; he then decided to focus on the Internet-based business, working from home. Irfan Khairi managed to get a net profit of RM 1,000,000 within 3 years without any employees or high-tech computer assistance. He started with only a total capital of RM 500 and became a millionaire at the age of 25 years old.

 All students and staffs of IIUM are invited.
It's FREE!!!

Program Manager
Firdaus Othman, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy

Monday, November 7, 2011


Homework!!! Oh noooo

1. Assignment on Role of Masjid (Dr Mukhlesur)
2. Assignment Pharmacokinetic (Dr Juliana)
3. Practical Report PK (Dr Juliana)
4. Pharmacy Practice Attachment Report (Mdm D)
5. Dosage Design Seminar (not kind of homework pun kan)

*Rasanya dah x de. Kalau ada, boleh tmbah sendiri ye :p

Haa, dun forget! We have 2 upcoming quizzes for sure; Musculo + PK

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Assignment: Role of Mosque in Muslim Community

In the name of Allah
the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Assignment masjid- since everyone was like pening2, n most of us mmg x pay attention pn psal assg ni time dr. Mokhlesur explain. Here, some slides (the details) as guideline for you guys..

Last but not least, Salam Eid al-Adha..!

Happy holidays and enjoy completing the tasks! =D

Assignment and Articles of Pharmacokinetics - Dr. Juliana

All people need to be informed and noticed that this assignment carries 10%. Thus, it is an utmost important for all of us to complete & submit it on 15 November 2011. Kindly use two articles given to complete the task.OKEIH?!!