Monday, December 26, 2011



All the best in your exam..

Final Exam Slip

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. This is my last announcement as ACR for this semester. Please log on to your myiium to access for FINAL EXAM SLIP. Don't forget to print out your final exam slip and bring it along the exam period (as your seat no, date n bla2 are all there). I beg for forgiveness if my words, my speech, my typos make yall confuse etc. Thank you for giving the best out of the best cooperation. Happy study and good luck in ur final! :) (exam slip jangan lupa tau!)
Here is the link

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tazkirah Jumaat : Kerinduan Rasulullah s.a.w...

بكى رسول اللّه صلى اللّه عليه وسلم يوماً
Menangis Rasulullah s.a.w pada 1 hari..

فقالـوا : ما يبكيك يارسول اللّه ؟!
Apa yg membuatkan engkau menangis?

قـال: إشتقت لأحبابي !!
Kata baginda, aku rindu orang2 yg kusayang(dalam kisah lain, ada menyebutkan.. ikhwan saudaraku)

قالـوا : أولسنا أحبابك يارسول اللـّہ ؟!
"Bukankah kami orang2 itu, ya Rasulullah?"

قـآل : لا ..... أنتم أصحابي
أما أحبابي فقوم يأتون من بعدي يؤمنون بي ولم يـروني !
"Tidak.. kamu sahabat2ku. Saudaraku ialah mereka yang belum pernah melihatku ttp mereka beriman padaku..

~اللّـهم اجعلنـا ممن اشتاق لهم نبينـا محمّد صلى اللّه عليـه وسلم وبلغنـا شفاعته واجعلنـا من أحبابه عليه الصلاه والسلام~
"Ya Allah jadikan kami yang insan2 yg merindui Nabi kami, Nabi Muhammad s.a.e dan sampaikan pada kami syafaat baginda, dan jadikan kami dr gol yang mencintai baginda..allahumma ameen"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OSCE Examination Documents

Buah pelaga makan dikikir, 
Dibawa orang dari hulu;  
Sebarang kerja hendak difikir, 
Supaya jangan mendapat malu.  

OSCE Pharm Pract LATEST!!

A Message from Dr. Farahidah

Salam dear brothers & sisters,

Kindly read my last lecture notes i.e Pack- closure & filling. This is your assignment. The success will be reflected by your ability to answer part of que in End Sem Exam. If you have trouble understanding some part of the lecture, pls email me your que:

all the best!!

-Dr. Farahidah-
Extracted from announcements in e-learning.

Monday, December 19, 2011

List Seminar DD

Download this document:

Torsade des Pointes

Grouping for OSCE Pharm Pract

Details on the OSCE, you may access to the slide that Mdm D presented this morning. Everything is there.

message from mdm D, wear formal attire plus LABCOAT

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



1) Those taking Biopharmaceutical subject, do submit your visit report (hardcopy + softcopy) tomorrow before 12.30pm. Place your softcopy document on class dekstop and name your document by your matric no.

2) Quiz 2 CP will be conducted on this Thursday, 11.30am at LH2. Topics covered are all except d topics taught by Br Shadzly, Sr Affidia and Mdm Diana. Questions will be in short note form.

3) Quiz Biopharm this Friday is POSTPONED to next Monday, 19/12 @ 2pm. Quiz covered topics taught by Dr Taher, Dr Solachuddin and Dr Farah. Questions will be in mcq as well as subjective. Quiz comprises 13% mark.

4) Tomorrow's class will be starting at 10.30 till 12.30 (Dr Uttam and Mdm Rohani)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Timetable week 14 n 15 updated 10/12/12

 week 15

p/s: OSCE briefing slot will be informed later
p/s1: Tuto Dr Ju and biopharm quiz will be scheduled later but still the quiz (dr taher's) is scheduled on Friday, 16/12 just the time is not confirmed yet

Friday, December 9, 2011

Marks for Quiz 1 Clinical Pharmacy I



19/12- Quiz Biopharm (13%)-cover topic Dr Taher, Dr Solachudin n Dr Farah@ 2pm
19/12- Quiz CP 3-10 mcq, topics like previous quiz @3pm
20/12- Quiz Dosage Design-cover preformulation studies and drug stability @ 8pm (mlm)
20/12- DD seminar presentation
21/12- Presentation CP
22/12- Submission Practical Report Stability Aspirin Group A & B (grouping)
22/12- OSCE
23/12- Educational visit Pharm Pract
29/12- Final exam 

p/s: any changes will be updated from time to time. tq 

Jadual Presentation CP

 malas nak rotate2..tgk la kot2 ad yg berubah

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


1) OSCE of hospital pharmacy services is postponed to THURSDAY, 22/12/11. Briefing regarding the OSCE will be given early next week.

2) We (Mdm D) is still waiting for the confirmation from Hosp Putrajaya for educational visit that is scheduled on Friday, 23/12/11. Any update will be inform later

3) Do submit the educational visit report (Putra Infoport, Institut Teknologi Fermentasi) on WEDNESDAY, 14/12/11.

4) Just to let you know, quiz on Biopharm (Dr Taher) that will cari 28 marks will be conducted on a time that will be discussed later. Quiz cover all topics except the topic covered in quiz 1, topic of dr wan azizi n topic of dr farah. Quiz will in in mcq and short essay form.
5) "I need your full name, identification card (I/C) number, and also your MOBILE PHONE NUMBER (latest and active). inbox to me via FB MESSAGE. this is an urgent matter and this message is meant for each n everyone of rx8 members. paling lewat malam ni ( 6/12/11)."-from class rep

Friday, December 2, 2011



6/12/2011, tuesday, 3 pm. 
- this quiz will carry another 10% marks. 
- topics covered will be from Bioequivalence until Renal Failure.  

 BODY SYSTEM: musculoskeletal 

6/12/2011, tuesday, 10.30 am 
- topics covered would be from Mdm Rohani alone: antirheumatid drug I & II AND drug and treatment of gouts.


12/12 Monday 9 am
- Topic covered all though by DR WAN ONLY

1) Friday, 9/12, 8 am
2) Thursday, 15/12, 11.30 am
3) Monday, 19/12, 3 pm

All in the form of STUDY CASE. No MCQ, No fill in the blank.

All time and date are fixed.

Result Quiz 1 Musculoskeletal

jgn rasa down2 ye :) Let's fight till the end..Allah knows best :)