Monday, May 20, 2013

update senarai note admnistration and management

Pharm management & admin
1. business plan (bro. abu sapian)
2. blue ocean strategy (bro abu sapian)
3. blue ocean strategy (bro abu sapian)-tiada hardcopy
4. pharmacy management (en abd aziz)
5. organizational structure ( en. abd aziz)*
6. human resource management (dr siti khadijah)
7. organizational structure and behaviour (dr siti khdijah)
8. value added services (mdm siti halimah)
9. accounting financial statement (bro. abu)
10. budget (bro abu)
11. marketing theory and applications (bro kareem)
12. customer service (bro kareem)
13. ensuring quality in pharmacy (bro kareem)
14. basic islamic finance (bro abu)
15. islamic finance ( bro abu)
16. exceptional sales (bro abu)
17. corporate finance (bro abu)
18. chain pharmacy (bro abd aziz)
19. fundamentals of islamic finance (bro abu)
20. merchandizing (mdm siti halimah)
21. management application in specific pharmacy practice ( bro abd aziz)
22. purchasing and inventory mngment *
23. management in hospital pharmacy *
24. conflict management *
25. workplace issue *
* tgah photostat..

-stress management by dr ramli xde slide but xmsuk exam
-nota 3 no hardcopy sebab tulisan kecik sangat
-budget sheet juga no hardcopy. bleh refer dalam folder

account presentation
total note : 25

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