Year 4 Sem 1

Introduction to QA/QC (no softcopy)
Quality Documentation (no softcopy)
Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal (no softcopy)
Pharmaceutical Packaging (no softcopy)
Analytical Balance, pH Meter, Spectrophotometer (no softcopy)
Chromatography I & II  (no softcopy)
Pharmaceutical Storage (no softcopy)
Dissolution & Disintegration Apparatus (no softcopy)
QC of Solid Dosage Form (no softcopy)
Microbiological QC of Parenteral Preparation (no softcopy)
Particulate Matters in Parenteral Preparation (no softcopy)
Statistical Process (no softcopy)
ISO 9001 (no softcopy)

Principles of Sterilization (no softcopy)
Sterile Pharmaceutical Products: Types & Uses, Effects of Contamination (no softcopy)
Heat Sterilization, Design & Operation of Autoclave, Design & Operation of Oven (no softcopy)
Gaseous Sterilization (no softcopy)
Non-heat Sterilization: Radiation (no softcopy)
Non-heat Sterilization: Filtration (no softcopy)
Validation & Routine Monitoring of Sterilization Process (no softcopy)
Factory Hygiene: Essentials of GMP I & II (no softcopy)
Manufacturer of Sterile Pharmaceutical Products
Sterility Test
Aseptic Medial Fills
What is a Clean Room
Environmental Monitoring of Clean Room
Pharmaceutical Water

Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology
Basic Principles of Pharmacology Relevant to PE Studies
Study Designs for Pharmacoepidemiology Studies
Statistical Analysis I
Statistical Analysis II
Studies of Drug Utilization
Sources of Data
Tutorial I

Introduction to Pharmacotherapeutics & Case Write-up
Pharmacotherapy of Asthma
Pharmacotherapy of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Cardiovascular Disorders in Paediatrics
Pharmacotherapy of Anemia (no softcopy)
Pharmacotherapy of Hypertension (no softcopy)
Pharmacotherapy of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)
Pharmacotherapy of Ischemic Heart Disease
Pharmacotherapy of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Pharmacotherapy of Portal Hypertension & Cirrhosis
Pharmacotherapy of Arrhythmias
Pharmacotherapy of Urinary Incontinence
Pharmacotherapy of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Pharmacotherapy of Peptic Ulcer Disease
Pharmacotherapy of Chronic Kidney Disease & ESRF
Pharmacotherapy of Acute Renal Failure
Pharmacotherapy of Dyslipidemia (no softcopy)
Pharmacotherapy of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (no softcopy)

Introduction to Dosage Design II
Tablet Manufacturing & Excipients (no softcopy)
Tablet: Types and Testing (no softcopy)
Compression & Compaction of Products (no softcopy)
Tablet Coating (no softcopy)
Capsules 1-2 (Intro & Hard Gelatin Capsules)
Capsules 3 (Soft Gelatin Capsules)
Capsules: Compendial Testing
Product Quality Considerations of Hard Gelatin Capsule
Creams: Topical Delivery
Creams: Formulation
Creams Packaging & Stability Testing
Transdermal Preparations I
Drug Transport Through the Skin
Drug Permeation Through Skin

Introduction to Pharmacy Practice IV
Methadone Maintenance Therapy
Methadone II
MTAC Warfarin
MTAC Respiratory
MTAC Diabetes
Public Health Pharmacy I
Public Health Pharmacy II
Research in Pharmacy
Pharmacy Service in Disaster Management
Sport & Travel Pharmacy
Traditional & Complementary Medicines

Case I - Asthma
Case II - Congestive Heart Failure

Introduction to OTC Drugs I
Introduction to OTC Drugs II
Information Gathering, Listening & Questioning
Decision for Referral to Doctors or Treatment with OTC Drugs
OTC Medications for Pains
OTC Medications for Fever
OTC Medications for GI Disorders I
OTC Medications for GI Disorders II
OTC Medications for GI Disorders III
OTC Medications Respiratory Disorder, Cold & Flu

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition
Nutrition & Metabolic Processes I-V
Dietary Assessment in Clinical Care I
Dietary Assessment in Clinical Care II
Dietary Assessment in Clinical Care III
Total Parenteral Nutrition I-IV (Prof. Baidi)
Enteral Nutrition
Food Drug Interactions I
Food Drug Interactions II


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